About Us

History and profile:


The history of the company started at 1971 when our father Mr. Abd El Messih  Tanios and his partners bought a shop in down town in the heart of the paper market in Egypt in order to serve all print shops by providing them all kind of paper and responding to all their needs.

After few years the company became one of the most famous trading companies dealing in paper well known by its credibility, goods quality and good service.

In 1996, as second generation, we launched our own company under the name of:”EL FARAANA FOR PAPER TRADE”

Located in Cairo in the paper market. Our main activity was buying paper from the importers and sell it to the paper merchants and the print shops providing them a large portfolio of paper products and giving to all our clients a good service, best quality and building good relationship and trust.

In 2006 we launched our industrial company:” EL FARAANA FOR PAPER INDUSTRIES” with the converting facilities in order to match all the client’s needs and helping them to reduce waste and saving more money.

We started by a new sheeting machine and a guillotine, after three years the company expand its capacity and bought another sheeting line in order to serve client just in time.

Meanwhile and in order to fulfill the growing market demand the company study a new project, and on the point to buy a new machine to launch a new product!

The purpose of choosing the name :”EL FARAANA” means pharaohs and since pharaohs invent the “Papyrus” the old pharaonic paper one of the first innovation of the human being for that reason we choose it as a name.

The company imports the material from different suppliers in different countries such as:

Finland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, United States and China… For that reason the company has a strong wide range of products and a very flexible converting facilities to fulfill all the client’s needs.

Our slogan is:”SERVING QUALITY” not only in product but also in logistics and after sale service…